The Legacy of Success Continues

Audrey Mphela – President 2016-2017

Ahoy Intrepid ones! The time has come to pass the baton. Words are inadequate for me to express my heartfelt gratitude to Toastmasters and the deep joy that floods my heart to know that together we have accomplished great things. It is somewhat accompanied with the sentiments that comes along with goodbyes. Nevertheless as leaders – we are pleased to have made a positive impact. It has truly been an amazing journey, a humbling experience, being afforded the golden opportunity to serve my club – the prestigious 4th Dimension Toastmasters as president for the year 2016 – 2017. My term as president was fulling, absolutely thrilling and totally uplifting, – all the way.

Gratitude is its own reward

I would like to pay my debt of gratitude to the collective collaboration of the Toastmasters members and ethos.

I extend a special thanks to the following inspirational and outstanding leaders:

  • We say Thank You for the vision, our esteemed Division Director – Margot Don. Thank you for showing us the bigger picture, the possibilities and leading by example in developing effective leaders and eloquent orators for our African continent. Thank you, Margot, for your great leadership and guidance, and your tremendous support through and through.
  • Another special thanks to our phenomenal Area Director – Dimitri. For your guidance and wise council. Thank you for being a role model we can all look up to. Thanks to Yianna for always supporting you and us in every way possible. Your continuous support made a world of a difference and contributed significantly to the success of 4th Dimension.
  • Another big, Thanks to our Club Mentor Richard Riche. From Whom we have learned much and gained valuable insight. The many professional educational that brought enlightenment and better understating to us all. The sacrifices you and Lelain made behind the scenes have kept our club standing.
  • Highest Thanks to our immediate past president – Mandy. I cannot thank you enough for entrusting me this massive daunting task of president of a prestigious club, for believing in me and the club. For guiding me and the club. For supporting me and the club. For your wise council and guidance that has lead this club to another year of president distinguished. As an immediate past president, you continue to lead with passion and tenacity, you taught me how to be a leader and how to be a follower. Serving under your leadership is truly inspirational. I cannot begin to explain how much you have blessed me!
  • Thanks Mentor Marc – for your consistent support. For leading by example and for your words of encouragement, words of faith and words or wisdom. Thank you for your mentorship at any and every opportunity, on the field and off the field. When I did not get it right sometimes, you said – don’t worry, you’ll get it next time, and when I got it right – you gave re-assurance and positive affirmations.


Heartfelt Thanks to the outgoing exco. Who served whole heatedly with care, courage and consistency. It was a great pleasure and an honour serving you and with you. Your commitment, dedication and sacrifices did not go unnoticed. The club and myself highly appreciates all your efforts.

  • Honest, our VPE – You have greatly exceeded our expectations. We have been privileged to have a team member that is dependable, and responsible as you are. The agenda was full and it has been exciting to have such motivated and encouraged members. Thank you also for the inspirational emails you sent out every month, along with the agenda.
  • Zanele, our VPM – you have done exceptionally well in getting those guests who were dating the idea of joining our amazing club to finally put a ring on it. Always prompt in serving and impeccable in your professionalism.
  • Balekane, our VPPR – is on a level of distinction. Writing a brilliant article and sending it off to toastmaster’s international for publication, keeping our social media platform vivacious and visible. We even got free favours from Zoya (South African Champion of Public Speaking 2015) via Balekane. We deeply appreciate that all of that.
  • Beatrice and Victoria, our secretary – making sure that all our records are backed up and secure. ‘I know what you did last summer’…. thanks to Beatrice and Victoria. Your team ship and full support has been meaningful. Thank you for always willing, always giving your time, and putting the needs of the team first.
  • Leigh and Tembi our Treasure, – Whenever you are presented with a task, I can expect nothing but the best from you and you have always delivered nothing less than the best. You do it with a positive attitude, a sense of urgency, a willing heart. Thank you.
  • Keegan, our SAA – Thank you for being a great impact player! The impact you made in favour of the team is really beyond our dreams! Whenever I needed your assistance you always had solutions for all the technical equipment that were a challenge to us. Thanks also to Gadifele for stepping up also to assist Keegan wherever required.

To 4th Dimension Members, truly we could not have accomplished such great results without your collective collaboration. Your full support to me in my role as president has been meaningful and I appreciate you all. It’s been a great pleasure and privilege to serving you.

The Promise Keepers

Our theme for the year was Promise Keepers: We intended to keep the Toastmasters Promises before our eyes and deep in our hearts to enable us to truly live them out! That is underpinned by the Steller results that we have achieved together as a club. I salute every member for their exemplary teamship and consistently living out the Toastmasters Promises.

The Distinguished Club Program

I am pleased to announce that by 30th May, we have already achieved President Distinguished for the 11th year in succession. (That is 10 out of 10 goals for 11 years)

  • Over and above, we have achieved more DCP goals than 97.0% of all Clubs in district 74, and more DCP goals than 95.7% of all Clubs Worldwide.

Congratulations 4th Dimension Toastmasters on helping each other grow

Audrey Mphela – President Report 2016-2017; 5th June 2017

The Club Fitness Reward Vouchers

In keeping up the momentum of the spirit of success, we have also earned Club Fitness Reward Vouchers namely –

  • Beat the clock Membership drive valued at = R200.00
  • 2X Treasures excellence valued at = R500.00
  • DCP Sprint Valued at = R250.00
  • Club Merit Award (DCP) Valued at = R250.00
  • Tipple Crown Award Valued at = R250.00

The 2016 – 2017 Contest:

We had the privilege of hosting the Area Contest at 4th Dimension for both Humorous and Internationally prepared contest. In perfecting our craft, and pursuing excellence, members participated in our club and area annual contests. We held two contests where the club winners represented us in the Area Contest:

1.The humorous and impromptu contest:

a.The club winner for the Humours contest was Richard Riche

b.The Club winner for the Impromptu contest was Lourens Boel

2.In the International prepared speech and Evaluation contest:

a.The club winner for the International contest was Audrey Mphela

b.The club winner for the Evaluation contest was Lourens Boel

The Membership

In terms of membership, we have witnessed our members grow in more ways than one. In personal ways, in professional ways, and in new numbers added to our club. Even though we have had to bid farewell to some of our members, as in every other club, irrespective, we still ranked highest in our division, In terms of member attraction, retention and growth.

  • Over all we gained 10 new members, and have achieved higher member retention than 79.6% of all Clubs in the district 74 and 72.6% of all clubs worldwide.

Congratulations to all our members.

The Future:

I encourage all club members to get involved in speech crafts. To actively go out there and secure speech craft opportunities and carry them out collectively as a team. Members benefit from gaining valuable real-life experience outside the toastmaster’s environment and the club also gains financial contribution which keeps the club sustainable.

I also encourage all members to continue to be dedicated to lifelong continual personal growth, progress and development. Never stop believing in your potential.

Continue your Toastmaster journey and  the legacy of success of 4thDimension toastmasters.

The Legacy of Success Continues:

The cherished Legacy of excellence, and success engraved in 4th Dimension Toastmasters is what sets us apart. Thank you for keeping the flame burning. If you have reached out a hand to a guest, If you delivered and speech or an evaluation, If you were the time keeper or simply applauded, we thank you for that. It is because of you that over the past year we have witnessed our club reach yet another level of distinction, we have seen our members grow in leaps and bounds. We have seen members take up roles with determination and courage, we have watched members deliver assignments with confidence and zeal. We had outstanding meeting turn up throughout the year. And our varied vivacious meetings left our guests panting for more.

I wish my successor and the incoming exco great success. I believe without a doubt that they will achieve even greater success!

I salute you, Intrepid ones!

May the 4th Dimension be with you! (Borrowed from Kirsten Long)

With all my respect,

Audrey Mphela

2016-2017 President of 4th Dimension Toastmasters Club #3008